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We work for you, not the lender, to provide you with the best personal borrowing solutions for your situation.

Here at the BRM Lending Team, we have helped many families in Collingwood, Ontario just like yours that need personal borrowing solutions. Our team has the experience you need to locate the right lenders and negotiate the terms that fit your financial goals. By creating favorable solutions for your needs, we can help you maximize cash flow and reduce household debt. We are passionate about what we do and are always happy to work hard to achieve success on your behalf. Here are the main personal borrowing solutions we can assist you with.

Personal Borrowing Solutions in Collingwood, Ontario

  • First Mortgage- There are many benefits of working with a mortgage broker when purchasing your primary residence, vacation home, or investment property. We’ll negotiate the terms so that you can enjoy the lowest payment, a nicer property, or the repayment period that works best for your financial goals.
  • Second Mortgage- Turning the equity in your home into renovations, a second honeymoon, a college education for your children, investments for the future, or another purpose can be an important part of your financial plan.
  • Refinance- If your loan was obtained at a rate higher than rates are today, refinancing could reduce your payment significantly or help you satisfy the mortgage in fewer years.
  • Home Equity Line of Credit- This is a great way to use the equity you have in your home on an ongoing basis rather than taking it all out at once in a second mortgage.

When you need personal borrowing solutions, you need someone who will take the time to understand your financial goals and develop a plan to accomplish them. We work for you, not the lender, so you can be confident we’ll put our negotiation skills to work to get you the favorable results you deserve. Call today to learn more.

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